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Choosing Flint Community Schools is more than a job; it's an invitation to join a supportive community that values your growth, celebrates your uniqueness, and works together to create a positive impact. Your journey with us is an opportunity to shape a brighter future for our staff, scholars, and the entire community. Welcome to a place where every contribution matters, and together, we build a legacy of excellence." #FCSCommunity #BrighterFuture #TogetherWeThrive

Human Resources Department  

FCS Human Resources

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At Flint Community Schools, we take immense pride in our commitment to providing high-quality services to FCS employees we are privileged to serve.

Our Human Resources (HR) team plays a pivotal role in fostering a work environment that thrives on excellence, collaboration, and continuous growth. Specializing in employee and labor relations, staffing, fingerprinting, background checks, benefits, payroll, collective bargaining, workers' compensation, FMLA, and other essential areas, our dedicated team of professionals is here to support you throughout your career journey.

Everything we do is in service to our scholars, and we recognize that our greatest asset is our dedicated and talented staff. Whether you are a prospective employee considering joining our team or a valued current staff member, we invite you to be part of the continued success story at Flint Community Schools.

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with us or have any questions about our HR services, please feel free to contact our Human Resources department.

Our Human Resources department is dedicated to supporting the growth and well-being of our staff and educators.

We provide comprehensive information and resources to assist our team in various aspects of their professional journey. From recruitment and onboarding to professional development and employee benefits, our HR team is committed to ensuring a supportive and enriching work environment.

Whether you're a current employee seeking guidance or a prospective staff member looking to join our vibrant community, our Human Resources department is here to provide the necessary information and support.

We are committed to fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement, making Flint Community Schools an ideal place to work and grow professionally.

Human Resources

District Retirement Portals for FCS Direct Hires

FCS Direct Hires can now access the District Retirement Portals, a dedicated resource designed to streamline retirement planning and provide comprehensive support throughout the transition process. These portals offer personalized tools and information tailored specifically for our employees, ensuring a smooth and informed journey into retirement

Whether you're just starting to plan or are nearing retirement, our portal serves as your central hub for all retirement-related resources, including benefits management, financial planning services, and detailed guides on maximizing your retirement benefits. Start planning your future today with the District Retirement Portals.

For additional information please visit www.tsacg.com and select “Plan Sponsor Pages”.  

2024 Annual Retirement Benefits Guide and Plan Summary.  

Staff Resources

Meet Our Human Resources Team

Takesha Montgomery, Executive Director of Human Resources

Takesha Montgomery, MSA, HRS

Shared-Time Director of Human Resources tmontgomery1@flintschools.org

Debbie Sippell, Benefits Manager

Debbie Sippell, HRS

Benefits Manager for Human Resources dsippell@flintschools.org

Jenayl Miller <jmiller1@flintschools.org>

Jenayl Miller

Human Resources Recruiter jmiller1@flintschools.org

Lorna Wilson, Human Resources Admin Assistant

Lorna Wilson

Human Resources Administrative Assistant lwilson2@flintschools.org

Madison Christenson, Human Resources Secretary

Madison Christenson

Human Resources Secretary mchristenson@flintschools.org