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Flint's Montessori Elementary and Pre-Kindergarten Program

Flint's public Montessori program is housed within Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary (at 1518 University Ave. next to the Flint Children's Museum and Kettering University).  The 2023-24 program offers Montessori elementary classrooms serving kindergarten through 6th grade and a pre-kindergarten class.  Students must turn 5 by December 1 in order to be part of the kindergarten class.

If you are interested in more details, click the "learn more" button now and complete the Request for Information Form to receive more information and receive monthly email updates.

Options for Younger Children

Flint does not currently have a public Montessori program for children under age 4.  If you are interested in programs for younger children, you can call (810) 591-KIDS or visit the  Genesee County Preschool site to learn about the public preschool programs offered.  You can also visit to search for private preschool programs.

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The Flint Montessori Program's Expectations for Montessori Classrooms

Public education and Montessori education can be effectively blended, and we want families to know what that means for our program when they enter.  Our families and staff have worked together to define what the Flint Montessori program means when we call ourselves a public Montessori program.  You can read that for yourself here.

Ready to take the first step?

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Montessori Elementary-
The Flint Montessori Elementary program is application-based.  To be eligible, students must be Genesee County residents and turn 5 years old by September 1 of the year they will be in kindergarten.  The application for 2024-25 will be released soon. (If you need a paper copy, please visit the Flint Community Schools Administration Building at 923 E. Kearsley St.)

Montessori Pre-Kindergarten- The Montessori pre-kindergarten program is the part of the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP).  To begin the pre-registration process please visit or call (810) 591-KIDS.  Be sure to select Flint Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary Montessori-GSRP as your preferred program.  (GSRP eligibility criteria apply.)  Please call the Flint Community Schools early childhood office at (810) 767-8018 when you have taken this step so they can help guide you through the rest of the process.